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Yakamoz is a networking agency that specializes in bringing fresh, energetic and unique ideas to the F&B industry. We unite designers + influencers + celebrities with experiential event settings to create memorable moments and content.

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Our creative solutions offer both consulting or a fully managed take over of your social media platforms. We will drive awareness and grow your brand’s social recognition through our tailor made content creation, influencer network and detail-oriented analysis.

Team Yakamoz

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Tell us who you are and where you take your stand. We understand the reason you have the following you do is because you create truly engaging content with an authentic voice. Team Yakamoz is your partner helping you to work with brands you’re passionate about, while building your professional creative portfolio. You can only win!

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Team Yakamoz provides creatives of all levels and backgrounds, experiences that can help propel their ideas forward. We’re here to connect them with world changing thinkers and leaders in the creative industry, and help reignite their passion for the visual.